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SR300 Tower Assembly Guide


Kit Parts List

1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_turtlebot2i_parts_SR300.jpg
Creative SR300
1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_sr300tower_parts_base.jpg
Base Plate
1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_sr300tower_parts_middle.jpg
Middle Plate
1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_sr300tower_parts_top.jpg
Top Plate
1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_turtlebot2i_parts_usbhub.jpg
USB 3.0 Hub
2x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_turtlebot2i_USBbracket.jpg
USB Bracket
2x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_turtlebot2i_parts_usb3.jpg
USB 3.0 Cable

The following hardware is included and is required to build the SR300 Tower. Most of these pieces are found in the kits, although they may not be used with the particular piece they are packaged with.
Don't worry if you have extras at the end, you may have received some spares.

6x spacer-m4.jpg
3x standoff-m4-ff.jpg
F/F Standoff
18x standoff-m4-mf.jpg
M/F Standoff
6x button-m3-short.jpg
M4 x 8 Button Head Bolt

4x bolt-m3-short.jpg
Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 8
1x cambolt.jpg
1/4-20 x 9/16" Socket Cap Bolt

2x camwasher.jpg
Camera Washer

Tools Needed

  1. 2.5 mm hex driver

Build Steps

Pre Step: Peel Your Plastic

Some of your plastic pieces will have paper masking on one or both sides. Peel the masking paper off before getting started.

There also may be some dust on your parts. This is from the laser cutting manufacturing process. It is harmless and can be cleaned up by wiping with a rag or being washed with water.

For each step before starting read through the whole step and look at all the photos. It helps to avoid mistakes when you have read through all the parts of a step first.


new1.jpg newA.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg new3.jpg new4.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg new5.jpg
  1. Attach 4 x M4*50 M/F Standoffs in series. Make 3 of these.
  2. Attach 2 x M4*50 M/F Standoffs to 1 x M4*50 F/F Standoffs, using 2 x M4 Spacers between them as shown. Make 3 of these.
  3. Stick the Large Rubber Feet to the bottom of the Bottom Plate.
  4. Seat the USB Hub into the 2 x USB Hub Mounting Brackets and attach to the Bottom Plate using 4 x M3*8 Bolts.
  5. Attach the first set of Standoffs (longer set) you made to the Bottom Plate using 3 x M4*8 Bolts.
  6. Place the Middle Plate on the threads of the first set of standoffs and attach the second set of standoffs (shorter set), holding the middle plate in place between them.
  7. Prep the 1/4-20 x 9/16" Socket Cap Bolt by sliding it through the Top Plate and two washers.
  8. Thread the 1/4-20 x 9/16" Socket Cap Bolt into the SR300.
  9. Attach the Top Plate to the standoffs using 3 x M4*8 Bolts.