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PhantomX Parallel Gripper Assembly Guide


Tools Needed

  1. 1.5 mm Hex Driver
  2. Pliers

Kit Parts List

1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_phantomX-gripper_gripperrail.jpg
Gripper Rail
2x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_phantomX-gripper_gripperhand.jpg
Gripper Hand
2x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_phantomX-gripper_gripperarm.jpg
Gripper Arm
4x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_phantomX-gripper_plasticbushing.jpg
Plastic Bushing
2x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_phantomX-gripper_foampad.jpg
Foam Pad

The following hardware is required to build the kit. You may have received extra parts with your kit.

4x nut-m2.jpg
Hex Nut
8x bolt-m2-med.jpg
Hex Head Bolt

Build Steps

Pre Step: Nuts for AX-12A

ASSEMBLY TIPS: Seating the Nuts into the Nut Sockets

Pre Step: Servo Centering

AX-12/AX-18 DYNAMIXEL Servos can move up to 300° . When the servo is directly in the middle of this 300° range, it is considered to be 'centered'. You will be able to tell that the servo is centered when the single notch on the servo casing matches up with the single notch on the servo horn.

The instructions in this guide assume that all of your servos are 'centered'. If the servos are not centered when attached to the brackets as shown in this guide, your robot will not work correctly.

If your servo horn is not centered, you can move it by hand or use the DynaManager to center the servo.

Pre Step: Sand your Gripper Rails

For proper functionality of your gripper, please pay attention to this guide. The gripper rails are designed tightly, and you may cause irreversible damage to your gripper if you do not sand it in advance.

Getting Started

Mind your Servo ID #

If you are building this gripper as part of a separate kit, mind the assembly instructions for that kit to identify the Servo ID # you will be building on. In some cases you will need to assemble brackets that will attach the servo to the kit before completing these instructions, as the gripper is large enough to impede the attachment of certain brackets.

Step 1: Prep your Servo

4x bolt-m2-long.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M2 x 8
4x nut-m2.jpg
Hex Nut M2
Nut M2

servoprep1.jpg servoprep2.jpg
  1. Prep your Servo with 4 x M2 Nuts to the left and right of the horn, as shown.
  2. Mount the Gripper Rail to the Servo with 4x M2*8 Bolts

Step 2: Prep your Bushings

4x plasticbushing-small.jpg
Plastic Bushing
4x bolt-m2-med.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M2 x 8

bolt1.jpg bolt2.jpg
  1. Build 4 x Bushing Sets using 4 x Plastic Bushings and 4 x M2*8 Bolts
  2. To accomplish this, hold the bushing steady with pliers, making sure to not crush it. Using your driver, screw the bolt into the bushing carefully.

Step 3: Build the Gripper Hands

2x bolt-bushing.jpg
Bolt w/ Bushing
M2 x 8

grip1.jpg grip2.jpg grip3.jpg
    In order for the gripper to be assembled correctly, please pay close attention to the orientation of the Gripper Arms when attaching them to the Gripper Hands and to the servo. Putting them on in reverse could result in breaking the Gripper Arms and/or Gripper Hands.
  1. Build 2 x Gripper Hand Assemblies by tapping into the hole on the bottom of a Gripper hand with a Bushing Set through one hole on one Gripper Arm.
  2. Do not tighten completely. Leave it loose enough to allow for the Bushing to sit in the arm and spin.
  3. Note the orientation of Gripper Arms to Hands. If you have them oriented incorrectly, this could result in improper function and breakage.
  4. Apply 1 x Foam Pad to each Gripper Hand.

Step 4: Assemble the Gripper

2x bolt-bushing.jpg
Bolt w/ Bushing
M2 x 8

grip4.jpg gripper.jpg fin.jpg
    Note the orientation of the Servo Horn before attaching arms. If it is not set to center, operation of the Gripper can result in improper function and breakage.
  1. Slide both Gripper Hand Assemblies onto the Gripper Rail from each side and mount the Gripper Arms to the Servo Horn using the final 2 x Bushing Sets
  2. Remember not to tighten completely, just enough for the Bushing to sit in the Arm and spin.
  3. Attach to your final project.

You are all finished! If you came here from another guide, you may return to that guide now. Enjoy your gripper!