PhantomX Quadruped Getting Started Guide

This guide will help you get up and running with your PhantomX Quadruped. By the end of this guide, you will have configured your robot electronics, assembled your robot and tested your robot. You will then be able to proceed to our demo code guides.

Setting Up Your ArbotiX & Arduino Software

ArbotiX Getting Started Guide

InterbotiX Kits are designed to work with the ArbotiX-M Robocontroller, an Arduino compatible microcontroller designed to work with DYNAMIXEL servos. This guide will show you how to setup and program the ArbotiX-M Robocontroller.

Setting Your DYNAMIXEL IDs

DYNAManager Software Guide

Every DYNAMIXEL servo comes set to a default ID of '1'. However, for your robot to work, you will need to set the servos to the correct ID numbers. This guide will help you use the DYNAmanager software and the ArbotiX-M robocontroller to set the IDs for each servo.

Each servo must be IDed one-at-a-time, so it is easiest to set the servo IDs before you assemble your robot. If you have multiple servos with the same ID connected to each other, you will not be able to ID the servos.

Using LiPo Batteries

Working with LiPo Batteries

Your robot kit includes a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries to power your robot. LiPo batteries need more care and attention than other rechargeable batteries. Please follow this guide to learn how to properly use, recharge and store your batteries.

Building Your Robot

Assembly Guide

This guide will show you how to build and wire your robot. This guide includes a list of parts that come with your kit and tips for building your robot.

Testing Your Robot

Build Check / Test Program

This guide will show you how to load a test program onto your robot as well as a video showing how your robot should move when the program is loaded. This test program and video will ensure that you have assembled your robot correctly.

ArbotiX Commander / Wireless Setup

Configuring XBee modules
Setting up the ArbotiX Commander
Quadruped / Arbotix Commander Demo Guide

Your robot kit comes with a ArbotiX Commander that can control the cralwer via the included XBee modules. You will need to follow the instructions in the guides: Configuring XBee Modules and Setting up the ArbotiX Commander. Once you've completed setup for these devices, you can proceed to the Quadruped / Arbotix Commander Demo Guide.

Demo Code Guides

Demo Code

Now that you've finished setting up your robot, you can proceed to trying our demo code. We recommend that users start with the Quadruped / Arbotix Commander Demo Guide.


PhantomX Quadruped Projects

Once you have gotten comfortable with the demo code for your robot, check out some of the projects for your robot.