InterbotiX Arm Link Software - Advanced Use with Processing 3.0



Go here for usage instructions for the Arm Link Software. If you're looking for info for using Processing 2.0 see here.

This article will get you started in editing and building the Arm Link Software from the source code.

The InterbotiX Arm Link software allows you to connect and control RobotGeek/InterbotiX Robotic Arms. Working with the source code will allow you to customize the Arm Link Software as well as learn more about the Arm Link Protocol.

Mac users please see the 'Note for Mac Users' here before following the rest of this guide.

Linux users please see the 'Note for Linux Users' here before following the rest of this guide.

Project Parts List:

Software List:

  • Arm Link Software
  • Processing IDE Software (Tested with 3.0.2) *
  • G4P Library (installed through Processing)
  • Video Library (Installed Through Processing)
  • Setup

    For most, installing Processing is as simple as unzipping the file you downloaded and running it in your computer. From an detailed instructions, see the Official Getting Started Guide

    Once you've installed Processing, you'll need to install the G4P and video libraries. The G4p library runs the various GUI elements in the program while the video library gives you access to a webcam.

    In Processing 3.0, go to

    Tools -> Import Library... -> Add Library

    This will open the Contribution Manager with the Libraries tab open. In the search/filter box, type g4p. You should see

    G4P| Provides a set of 2D GUI controls and multiple wi...

    library in the list under the search bar. Click on the entry and then click the Install button in the lower right of the window.

    Once you've installed G4P, type video into the search/filter box. You should see

    Videp | GStreamer-based video library for Processing

    Install this library like you did the first one.

    After you've installed the libraries, you're almost ready to go. Unzip the file you downloaded that contains the Arm Link source code. Open the ArmControl.pde file in processing and press the Play/Run button to start the program.

    Usage Notes

    Serial Packets and Debugging

    It is possible to see the data packets being sent to and received from the arm through the ArmControl panel. This is turned on my defualt - just watch the data in the console below the processing code as you send commands in the GUI.

    boolean debugConsole = true;      //change to 'false' to disable debuging messages to the console, 'true' to enable 

    You can turn GUI event debugging on by setting

    boolean debugGuiEvent = true;     //change to 'false' to disable GUI debuging messages, 'true' to enable

    Processing Version