Nifty Robot Neck & Vision System


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User Mewgen has connected his PhantomX Robot Turret to an Asus Xtion to make a 2 Degree of Freedom 3D Camera.

Mewgen has written a custom C++ / QT application that allows a user to control the robot and monitor its camera. This PC application sends data over a serial port to the ArbotiX Robocontroller on the Turret. The ArbotiX then sets the servo's position based on the command from the PC. The ArbotiX is able to do this running the stock ROS Arduino firmware, turning int into a pass-through device.

This is a great example of how a simple 2-servo robot can be very useful, giving a 3d camera the freedom to scan whole rooms or objects. This kind of robot could also be adapated to a cralwer/rover, increaing the range that the robot can see while standing still.

This is also a great example of using InterbotiX robots attached to an external device. Any InterbotiX robot can be controlled on the servo-level, using the ArbotiX Robocontroller as a pass through device. Alternativeley, all of the InterbotiX Robots will respond to ArbotiX Commander style packets, giving the user access to various functions and IK engines that we have built for the InterbotiX robots.

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