Arbotix Commander Assembly Guide


Kit Parts List

1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_arbotixcommander_arbotixcommander-bottomplate.jpg
Bottom Plastic Plate
1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_arbotixcommander_arbotixcommander-topplate.jpg
Top Plastic Plate
1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_arbotixcommander_arbotixcommander.jpg
Arbotix Commander Shield
1x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_parts_geekduino.jpg
2x b_400_400_16777215_00__images_assembly_parts_aa-batteryholder.jpg
AA Battery Holder

The following hardware is required to build the kit. You may have received extra parts with your kit.

18x bolt-m3-short.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 6
3x m3*10 ffstandoff
Hex Standoff F/F
M3 x 10
6x m3*30 ff stanoff
Hex Standoff F/F
M3 x 25
2x velcro-150-70.jpg

Build Steps

Pre Step: Peel Your Plastic

Some of your plastic pieces will have paper masking on one or both sides. Peel the masking paper off before getting started.

There also may be some dust on your parts. This is from the laser cutting manufacturing process. It is harmless and can be cleaned up by wiping with a rag or being washed with water.

Step 1: Mount Standoffs to the Bottom Plate

9x bolt-m3-short.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 6
3x m3*10 ffstandoff
Hex Standoff F/F
M3 x 10
6x m3*30 ff stanoff
Hex Standoff F/F
M3 x 25

  • Mount standoffs to the Bottom Plate as shown using 3 x M3*10 Standoffs, 6 x M3*25 Standoffs, and 9 x M3*6 bolts.
  • Make sure you mount the standoffs with the shiny side facing up.

Step 2: Mount the Geekduino

3x bolt-m3-short.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 6

Img8771.jpg Img8783.jpg
  • Mount the Geekduino using 3 x M3*6 bolts.
  • Make sure to set the Geekduino switches. The Reset switch needs to be on AUTO and the voltage switch needs to be on 3V3.

Step 3: Mount the Arbotix Commander Shield

  • Mount the Arbotix Commander Shield onto the Geekduino.

Step 4: Mount the Battery Holders

2x velcro-150-70.jpg

  • Mount the Battery Holders as shown using the sticky backed velcro strips.
  • Plug the connectors into the Arbotix Commander.
  • NOTE: The +/- silkscreen on the left battery holder is incorrect. Plug the left battery pack into the commander normally (as indicated by the notch in the white JST connector.) The black wire will be toward the top of the commander (+ silkscreen) and the red wire will be towards the bottom (- silkscreen)
  • NOTE: Older versions of the Commander came with 2.5mm nuts & bolts to mount the battery packs. If you have one of the older models use these to mount your packs.

Step 5: Put in the Batteries

  • Put in the Batteries.
  • Check to make sure that the power is switched off so you don't leave your Commander on draining the batteries!

Step 6: Put on the top Plate

6x bolt-m3-short.jpg
Hex Socket Head Bolt
M3 x 6

  • Put on the Top Plate using 6 x M3*6 bolts.

Step 7: Mount the XBee

  • Mount the XBee into the XBee socket.