PhantomX Quadruped - Wireless Control - ArbotiX Commander

PhantomX Quad - Wireless Control - ArbotiX Commander

Download ArbotiX Robocontroller Firmware Sketch

The ArbotiX Commander is a great hand-held controller for your Quadruped. The commander can control the arm using a wireless XBee link.

  • Load the sketch onto your ArbotiX Robocontroller
  • Configure your XBees and plug them into your Commander and Robocontroller.

You can now control your ArbotiX commander via the following controls:

Control Diagram for ArbotiX Commander
Walk Joystick
  • Horizontal Strafe left/right
  • Vertical Move forward/back
Look Joystick
  • Horizontal Rotate left/right
  • Vertical N/A
Right Buttons
  • RT N/A
  • R3 Select Ripple Gait
  • R2 Select Amble Gait
  • R1 Select Smooth Amble Gait
Left Buttons
  • LT N/A
  • L6 N/A
  • L5 N/A
  • L4 N/A