PhantomX Hexapod - PC Control - Virtual Commander

Edge Programs and Firmware

Edge programs and firmware are offered with limited support and documentation. They are experimental and offered 'as-is' for advanced users.

PC Control - Virtual Commander

Download ArbotiX Robocontroller Firmware Sketch
Download Virtual Commander program and source code

The Virtual Commander is a simple way to control your crawler using the commander protocol.

  • Load the sketch onto your ArbotiX
  • Keep the FTDI-USB cable plugged into your ArbotiX
  • Launch the Virtual Commander application
  • Choose your serial port from the drop-down menu (the same serial port that you use to program from your Arduino IDE)
  • Click 'Connect'
  • Now you can press on the joysticks or buttons to control the crawler
If you are using a UartSBee or other USB-XBee device, you can also connect wirelessly from your computer to your crawler.
  • Configure your XBees and connect everything as shown below
  • Plug an XBee into your UartSbee and plug the UartSbee into your computer
  • Plug the other XBee into your ArbotiX Robocontroller
  • Connect the Virtual Commander to the serial port the UartSbee is on