PhantomX Hexapod - Wireless Control - ArbotiX Commander



The PhantomX Hexapod can be controlled wirelessly via the ArbotiX Commander In this demo, the ArbotiX Commander's joysticks will be used to control the movement of the cralwer while the pushbuttons allow for gait selection.

This demo code has an integrated Inverse Kinematics engine powered by NUKE. This software engine handles the calculations for each servo to make the cralwer walk. This demo code is a great place to start if you want to build modify the crawlers behavior and still use NUKE. You can learn more about NUKE here

Project Parts List:


Connection diagram for ArbotiX Robocontroller to Virtual Commander
Pin Device
XBee Socket XBee Series 1 (Do not plug in until after programming)
DC Jack SMPS Power Supply, Battery, or other 11-14v power

Download Code:

Download Commander Cralwer Code for ArbotiX Robocontroller

Load the Commander Cralwer Code onto the ArbotiX-M Robocontroller. You will need to plug in your FTDI cable / programming device to program the robocontroller. You cannot program the ArbotiX if the XBee is plugged in, so program the board first, then remove the FTDI cable, and finally plug in the XBee.

If you have problems loading your code onto your ArbotiX-M, see the ArbotiX Getting Started Guide. Also, make sure that you have configured your XBees for use with InterbotiX Kits.

The ArbotiX Commander should be running the stock Commander code that it shipped with. See the ArbotiX Commander Getting Started Guide for more information.

Once loaded onto the Robot Turret, the code should automatically stand the crawler up. Now turn on the ArbotiX Commander - the two should automatically connect Once connected, you can move the joysticks to move the cralwer.


Control Diagram for ArbotiX Commander
Walk Joystick
  • Horizontal Strafe left/right
  • Vertical Move forward/back
Look Joystick
  • Horizontal Rotate left/right
  • Vertical N/A
Right Buttons
  • RT N/A
  • R3 Select Ripple Smooth Gait
  • R2 Select Amble Smooth Gait
  • R1 Select Ripple Gait Select Smooth Amble Gait
Left Buttons
  • LT N/A
  • L6 Select Amble Gait
  • L5 Select Tripod Gait, Normal Speed
  • L4 Select Tripod Gait, High Speed